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sarna original lotion

Sarna Original Lotion for Treating Itchy While Traveling

Exploring nature is exciting but you still have to prepare anything well including the first-aid kits. One of the most important first-aid kits is anti-itch lotion. You have to bring it because you might explore a place with a lot of insects, mosquitoes, or anything that makes you itchy. The Sarna original lotion is a recommended product you can bring while traveling. Let’s check the detail below.

The Benefits of Sarna Original Lotion

Sarna lotion original has a lot of benefits due to the ingredients. The product is formulated for all types of skin including dry and sensitive skin. The formula is effective to prevent itchy and skin irritation caused by insect bites and the poison of plants. There is also a case that you are visiting a place in winter and the cold temperature makes your skin itchy. It is better to bring Sarna lotion because the ingredients are also effective to treat winter itch.

How to Apply Sarna Original Lotion

The way to use this lotion is easy. First, gently clean the affected area with water or a smooth towel. Make sure that the itchy area is dry before applying the lotion. Second, apply the lotion to the affected area. You can read the label for the dosage. Commonly, you have to apply the lotion up to 3 to 4 times a day until you don’t feel the itchy anymore. Sarna lotion ingredients are suitable for 2 years old children and adults. It is also okay if you want to consult with the doctor before applying the lotion to your children to make sure that it is safe for their skin. That’s it! The itchy will be gone after 3 days or even less and it depends on the type of itchy. You can go to the doctor for further treatment if you still feel itchy after 7 days and even get worse.

How Sarna Lotion Works

Sarna lotion active ingredients have an important role to treat itchy. One of the main ingredients is Camphor and it helps to relieve itching caused by skin irritation or external causes such as insect bites or poison plants. Moreover, the product is also containing menthol in which it is known as a counter-irritant. The menthol will make your skin feel cool and then warm and it makes you comfortable. You will not feel itchy so you don’t scratch the affected area. Read the label first to know the ingredients because the manufacturer may change them. Let say, there is a Sarna lotion for eczema with specific ingredients or Sarna skin care lotion for daily usage. You can also Sarna lotion with pramoxine for an intensive itchy treatment.

Sarna lotion is packaged in a bottle. The Sarna lotion travel size is compact enough so you can bring it in your bag while traveling and applying it anytime you need it.

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