Sarna Sensitive Lotion

Sarna Sensitive

Sarna Sensitive Lotion

Even though you have already known the benefit is using Sarna Sensitive Lotion to relieve your itch, there are suggested precautions that you should know to improve the benefit and minimize the risk of applying the lotion to your skin. The lotion may perform interaction to some medicines. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you contact your doctor to before starting, stopping or changing the dos of the lotion as well as finding out the possible reaction of the lotion with the medicine that you undertake.

You should contact your doctor or pharmacist when you perform these specific conditions before or in the meantime of using the lotion:

  • Having allergy to the Sarna Sensitive Lotion’s Ingredient.
  • Contact your doctor immediately when you show allergic symptom after applying the lotion to your skin
  • Having allergy to specific substances such as foods, medicines, or even particles such as dust
  • Planning or having pregnancy, and/or breastfeeding.
  • Consult to your doctor when you get pregnant or breast feeding while using the Sarna Sensitive Lotion to find out the possible benefit and risks for you, and more importantly, your baby.
  • Undertaking particular prescribed or non prescribed medication, herbal preparation, or taking diet supplement.

Here is the following instruction to use Sarna Sensitive Lotion:

  • Wash the possibly applied area with soap and water, and dry it gently
  • Shake the lotion well before use each time
  • Apply the lotion on the determined area according to the dose recommended by your doctor or  the one on the package label
  • For anal or genital area cleansing, spread the lotion using cotton ball or tissue and wipe the treated area
  • Wash your hands right away after using the lotion, unless your hand is the treated area
  • For a missed dose, apply it as soon as you can remember and continue again to the recommended dose

You should keep in mind that the lotion is reserved only for external use. Rinse with cool water immediately when the lotion gets in your eyes, nose or mouth. Go to the poison control center or emergency room if the lotion is accidentally swallowed or taken by mouth. Use Sarna Sensitive Lotion on the dose recommended by your doctor or the dose that is instructed on the medicine’s label, and do not use the lotion more than that or for longer term. Contact your doctor if you want to have more dose or use the lotion in longer term. Ask your doctor before applying the lotion in large area of your body or if you want to use other medicine on the area where the lotion is applied. Do not use it for children under 2 years old.

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