Calendula Cream Eczema

calendula cream eczema

Calendula Cream Eczema, Solution for Your Pure Skin

Here is a review from Amazon buyer (Kiyomi)

Hi, I am 27 years old woman, a house wife and a mother of one little cute baby boy. Now he is age is five years old. When he was a little baby, 2 years old at that time, he has some problem with his skin especially in his groin part. His skin turned into red and a little bit scaly on its surface. Even though my mother said that it was not a big problem but still I was afraid that something bad had happened to my baby. From his reaction, that skin redness might be so itchy because his cry looked sounded so tortured. Then I found out that the redness in his skin is because the irritation of using the diaper.

I tried to solve it by pouring the baby powder in the entire of his skin. For a while, it made him calm but it did not last for a long time because when he got sweaty, he would cry again. The worst thing was I guessed that the redness become so painful when the part of the groin got wet of sweat or when he was taking a bath. Day by day the talc powder did not work anymore so I must have founded out another way out. One day my friend came to my house and saw my problem then she suggested me to try calendula cream eczema.

When the first time I heard about it, I was not sure to try because I did not think it was eczema and I did not want to make a baby to be an experiment.  My friend told me that it was not only for eczema, but also it could cure for healing the skin redness, psoriasis, itching and good for skin sensitive problems even for adult. She asked me to find it on the internet to convince me more. Then I bought it online. This cream was available in two sizes such as the 2 oz pack (60gr) and 4oz (113gr). I decided to buy the small one because it was the first trial. With 50:50 feeling, I tried to my baby and it relieved my baby from the torture of itching in the first use.

The fragrance smells so good and the texture is very light so the cream can be absorbed by the skin easily so it does not feel so sticky in baby skin. The one thing that I like from this cream is it contains the natural organic ingredients and hypoallergenic that are why it suits for a very sensitive skin, like baby’s skin. After three days of using this cream, the skin became normal again and my baby never cried again because of the skin.

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