Sarna Lotion With Menthol

sarna lotion with menthol

Sarna Lotion with Menthol: Description, Functions, and Benefits

There are indeed many products available in the market for topical necessities. They are produced in various forms starting from oil, lotion, gel, and more. Well, talking about a topical product, it seems not complete without mentioning Sarna Lotion. Sarna Lotion with menthol is produced by a company in the same name. In the market, you can get it with around $16.72. Sure, the prices are different from one place to another. So, how is the result? Does Sarna Lotion really work well? Here they are.


If you see and read the package, there is basically a description of the product. Just like the complete name, Sarna is a lotion that contains menthol (0.5%). Meanwhile, there is also camphor (0.5%) that indeed gives some benefits for the skin. Sarna Lotion is steroid free. It reduces side effects that are commonly experienced in other skin products. Besides, you can even apply it every day.


Well, we have talked about the benefits of Sarna Lotion original in the previous point. So, what are actually the main functions of this lotion? In case you still don’t know, this lotion is to relieve and heal some skin problems. They are including itch from dry skin, insect bites, sunburn, winter itch, poison ivy, and more. It is okay to apply the product only in the area with problems.


Different from other products in which the effects are just felt too long after the application, Sarna works faster. So, when you smear it on the area with itch or burn, you can just feel it cools down the area and relieves the itch. For the longer effect, you can feel the itch and burning feeling are completely relieved.

Despite its soothing feeling, it has some more benefits. Similar to other conventional body lotion, it gives an effect to smooth and moisturize your skin. This is something that other itch-relief products cannot have. That’s why; there are people who use Sarna Lotion anti-itch on the entire hands and legs. Then, there is no side effect at all. it is even good to replace your body lotion if you want.

Sarna Lotion Menthol is also known to be practical. The product dimensions are only 6x5x4 inches with a weight of around 9.6 ounces. Sure, you can bring it anywhere you want. Particularly if your skin tends to be sensitive, it is definitely the best choice. So, are you interested to have it?

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