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Sarna Lotion – Anti Itch Lotion

Itch is something that happens to everyone. It is an uncomfortable feeling toward certain parts of your skin that urge you to scratch or rub it to bring comfort. Some of the itches come from usual causes such as insect bites, but some other itches may come as effect of certain allergies and diseases such a eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, or even HIV/AIDS. Hormonal change, especially in pregnant or menopause women may trigger itch as well. Ageing, for the elderly and psychological background may become the pulling factor that you feel the itch in some parts of your skin. It may emerge as a physical consequence that you feel due to depression, anxiety, or stress.

The cause of your itch may affect the location where you feel it. It can be localized in one area of your skin, but it may also come in widespread throughout your body. The treatment for the itch is also different based on its cause. There is itch that will disappear after some minutes or after you give some lotions such as insect repellent in the case of insect bites. There is also source of itch that is affected by weather such as sunburn. Sarna lotion is just best to relieve the itch for both of the causes in quick effect. Nonetheless, it is important for you to know the symptom and the right treatment to handle the itch, because some itches are triggered by serious medical condition.

The symptoms of itch can be divided into five major categories. First is the localized itch such as insect bites or stings. Second is systemic such as the one that emerges from physical (food or medicine allergy, secondary symptom of diabetes or HIV/AIDS) or psychological background. Specific skin disease may also cause itch such as eczema and psoriasis. Sunburn and irritating chemical exposure becomes the next itch trigger. Lastly, hormonal change such as menopause or pregnancy may cause you to feel itch as well. Preventing or treating itch is basically easy. You can use sunscreen lotion with proper SPF to avoid sunburn, avoiding the use of irritating chemicals such as harsh soaps or detergents. Having healthy diet and drink plenty of water is able to keep your health and prevent you from itch as well. If you feel any itch, Sarna lotion is great for quick solution. It contains menthol and camphor to relieve as well as moisturizing the skin. When you have itch due to dry skin, winter itch, insect bites, poison ivy or sunburn itch, Sarna lotion is great to relieve your itch and safe for daily use thanks to its steroid free component. However, it is still important that you consult to your doctor to get the proper itch treatment.

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