Sarna Lotion Canada

Sarna Lotion Canada

Understand the Sarna Lotion and How to Get It in Canada

Have itchy skin problems? You can solve it by using various medicines. But, if you ask your doctor, they will most likely recommend a product from Sarna. To understand more about Sarna anti itch cream, below you can learn more about this product.

The Ingredients

First of all, let’s see the Sarna lotion ingredients. This product uses several types of ingredients. Those ingredients are well-known for their effectiveness against skin problems, including itchy. It solves the itching problem caused by various elements, from external injury to inflammation because of bacteria.

Many of the ingredients in the Sarna lotion composition list have a strong effect, such as carmbomer 940, glyceryl stearate, and DMDM hydantoin. Therefore, you should check whether you have an allergy to those ingredients before you buy and apply them to avoid the Sarna lotion sensitive problem.

How to Use Sarna Lotion

It is similar to other anti-itch cream lotions. You take a drop of it on your finger. Apply it on the affected area or the skin where you feel the itch. And, it will start to solve the problem. How often can you apply Sarna?

Even though it has a strong ingredient, it is an OTC medicine that you can use freely. Therefore, we recommend you to use it only 3-4 times a day. Many Sarna lotion reviews also recommend that amount for this product.

How to Get Sarna Lotion in Canada

Some people have difficulty finding where to buy Sarna lotion in Canada. Here, we will give you the tips to get this product easily. First of all, you can always order it from various online stores. However, to be safe, try to order it from Sarna Lotion Canada official website. They have an online store that sells anti-itch cream and other products.

If you want to buy it directly, try to locate the store by using the Sarna lotion near me keyword. Most of the retail store and pharmacies has it because it is OTC medicine. You can even visit the nearby Wal-Mart to find where to find Sarna lotion is. You also don’t have to worry about the budget. The Sarna lotion price is not that high.


Now, whenever you have an itch problem, you know which product you should use. If you still can’t find it, you can always ask the local pharmacy for the Sarna lotion generic name, camphor-menthol, to get a product with a similar effect.

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